Saber Miresmailli

صابر میراسماعیلی


A biologist muses on science, nature and beauty

   A friend once said “Every moment, the universe gives you the opportunity to evaluate if you are the person you want to be. And every moment is the opportunity to BE that person.”

    I believe that this is my one and only chance to enjoy living on this magnificent planet surrounded by amazing animals and plants, breathtaking sceneries and billions and billions of beautiful and unique people. I treat my life and everything in it as a privilege and therefore, I always try to live my life to its fullest capacity and enjoy every single moment of it.

    You appreciate life much more if you look at the universe as a biologist. Let me give a tangible example. Right now at this very moment, my brain is processing this example by enabling me to put it into words while orchestrating my fingers so they can type it and as you read these words, your eyes convey my thoughts to your brain and your neocortex where you can create patterns of sensory information, link it to your stored memory and grasp my idea. So here is the example: Dog!

    I bet you can imagine a dog when you see the word “Dog”. Might not be necessarily the picture I had in my mind when I said the word but we both know what we are talking about; right?. Now don’t you think this is just amazing! Think about all neurochemical, neuromechanical, muscular and locomotory systems that were involved in the process of production, reception and comprehension of the word “Dog”. This is how I see the world -as another friend once said- “ marinaded in awesomeness!”

    This site is about my private and professional life. Here you can read about my research and follow my academic  and industrial activities and at the same time look at my pictures, play my music and try some of my recipes.


“We must become the change we want to see.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Life on this planet is a privilege not a right.